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Three Legged Fox: End of Spring 2012 Tour

Ed note: SurfRhythm welcomes new contributor Suzanne Wheeler.
Three Legged Fox at 930 Club

Three Legged Fox at 930 Club, June 22, 2012. Photo by Kevin Henline.

Trekking over 8500 miles on a cross-country tour, Three Legged Fox landed at DC’s 9:30 Club as their final stop. This past Friday, I headed to DC to see the Philadelphia-based, reggae-infused band. I had been hoping to hear them break out some new material, but it was not in the cards for that night. Nonetheless, 3LF brought plenty of energy to the show and played a mix of songs from their last two albums, Always Anyway (2011) and Not as Far (2009).

Most of the crowd was at the show for the headlining Who’s Bad (the world’s biggest) Michael Jackson tribute show, but it didn’t take long for the crowd to start pressing closer to the stage and taking notice of 3LF. The first few songs of the set suffered from a technical problem with a guitar amp, causing distortion that drowned out singer Kyle Wareham’s vocals. With only a forty-minute set, it was a shame to see a third of the show impacted. To their credit, the band did not let the glitch dampen their performance, and closed out the set with the intense and moving Higher Love.
I managed to connect with 3LF drummer Kory Kochersperger by email with a few questions:

SurfRhythm: Your show at DC’s 9:30 Club wrapped up a national spring tour that took you all the way to California. What was the high point of the journey for you? What was the low? Did the lengthy road trip inspire any new material?

Kory: I think that finally making it out to the West Coast was a big move for us. Kids have been asking us to come out there for years, so it was great to meet a lot of them and to play for them. Colorado was an amazing time, too. Kids really came out and sang with us, energy was great. As for tour inspiring material?  I’m always writing, whether I’m home or out with the band, I think (the tour) inspired the ‘fire’ to elevate our game and to keep pushing. A national tour will tell you how much work you’ve got left to do, and we’ve got a ton, but it’s encouraging, it’s good.

SurfRhythm: It sounds like you’ve got some new music in the works. Did you debut any new material on tour (or when will we be hearing it at shows)?  When should fans be expecting new singles or an album to drop?

Kory Kochersperger Three Legged Fox

Kory Kochersperger in action @ 930 Club. Photo by Kevin Henline

Kory: Definitely got some new stuff happening. It’s all very rough. To be honest, Kyle and I were working on new songs like 2 months after Always Anyway came out. It’s just natural to want to write/create. Right now we’ve got 4 real clear-cut songs…and a bunch of ideas. I send Kyle lyrics all the time, and actually him and I just had a conversation about the need to start putting some concentrated time into deciding what we like, what we want to build on etc etc. I’d love to put out a couple singles and save the ‘album’ idea for next year. But I dunno. We haven’t reached a definite consensus on that yet. We’re going to put new 3LF music out in some capacity in 2012, I can say that much for sure.

SurfRhythm: The one down point to the show at 9:30 was an apparent problem with an amp during the first few songs. Did you guys figure out what the glitch was?

Kory: I saw that too. Gear problems are a downer, you’re right. I haven’t talked to [guitarist] Chris [Duddy] about that yet…but I will. That kind of stuff is never good.

Currently, there are a lot of bands in the broad “white guy reggae” genre, but the ones who truly “wow” you are only a handful. 3LF is one of those bands, particularly because they have both a great studio sound and an intense stage energy. They are taking that energy back on the road for summer dates down the eastern seaboard; a show worth catching if you can.
June 22, 2012 Set List:
Get Out Alive (Always Anyway)
Let You Down (Always Anyway)
Maybe I’m Sorry (Not as Far)
Away (Not as Far)
Half Filled Boxes (Always Anyway)
High Time for Arrival (Always Anyway)
Slow Down (Not as Far)
Wait For You (Always Anyway)
Higher Love (Not as Far)
Check them out for yourself at

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CD Review: Three Legged Fox, Always Anyway

Posted on | December 15, 2011 | No Comments


Is this reggae or is it rock? I dunno. It’s certainly not “Rasta music” – the lyrical focus sees to that and the rock sensibility is far too strong anyway. But it’s also not merely rock done with a reggae beat in the manner of say, The Clash or Blondie of old – the role of the roots rhythms in the overall sound is too profound, too complete, too subtly integrated. Hey, these rhythms are contained within the music’s very DNA! So let’s just admit that Always Anyway can lay claim to being either rock or reggae, and that in any case the excellence of the music transcends whatever label you assign.

The album has a full-bodied, emphatic sound, with the high production values we might expect of a major label, although in fact it’s self-produced. The tunes grew on me quickly, some of them reminding me of REM, and the vocals are just fine – I won’t even complain about the tendency of the lead vocalist to let his voice break at carefully chosen points – it’s an affectation intended to convey emotion, I guess, and if it’s good enough for The Jayhawks and for every blessed female pop singer in the northern hemisphere, it should be good enough for these guys too.

I really like the lyrics; they’re concrete enough to be meaningful yet ambiguous enough to be interesting. Take this for example: “I can’t slow down, so don’t ask me to choose/If you give up hope, then we both lose/What I lack in grace, I will make up in truth…” The melodies are as strong as the words; the arrangements combine muscle with creative good taste.

Everything about Always Anyway strikes me as being highly ambitious, but given the impressive results, the musical ambition was clearly justified. The packaging is well done too, with moody artwork, complete lyrics, and a modest little message from the band that’s the opposite of the pretentious braggadocio of many reggae artists – further evidence that this may not be reggae. But it’s not pure rock. It’s pure good music, that’s what it is.

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"Always Anyway" packs more than a punch. There's enough edge throughout and plenty of pop driven hooks here to remain stuck in your brain for many days to come.


If you’ve never been a big fan of Three Legged Fox their new self produced release “Always Anyway” will most likely be the album to win you over. It’s a much heavier sound than their previous two albums, filled with catchy hooks and hard driving melodies. It's their alternative rock, reggae masterpiece that just radiates with commercial appeal and could very well serve as their launching platform to cash in on some mainstream success. Not sure what they have planned but if this album doesn’t generate some major airplay then they really just need to sit down and reassess the situation.

The song writing isn’t original but what makes this album memorable is their professional execution. Three Legged Fox prove to be quite influential in how modern rock and reggae music is shaping out to be. As far as popcraftsmanship goes, it's actually quite impressive. This is clearly their best album and in my opinion one of the best of the year.  “Always Anyway” is an album that should not be overlooked or dismissed.

It's hard to choose favoritres,as the quality is so consistently high. Stand out tracks include "Get Out Alive", "Half Filled Boxes", "Wait For You", "Grace (Here With You)", "High Time For Arrival", and "Comin' Back Soon".

- Simon Eddie

The Nervous Breakdown

21 Questions with Kyle Wareham

05 August 2011

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Please explain what just happened.

We just finished writing, engineering, and producing our third album, Always, Anyway.  Doing everything ourselves, while at times arduous and frustrating, has afforded us the time and creative freedom to present this new material exactly the way we want it to be heard; we are all very excited about this release!

What is your earliest memory?

When Taylor (my sister) was born.

If you weren’t a musician, what other profession would you choose?

I’ve always wanted to work in marketing.  Specifically advertising.  I’d love to come up with concepts for ad campaigns.

Describe a typical work day.

I wish I had a typical work day.  Every day is different for me.  Sometimes a typical workday begins with a long van-ride to a city I’ve never heard of; sometimes it begins with a good melody or lyric and an inspiring studio session.  If I’m not out playing music you’ll find me in our studio working on 3LF stuff or producing local bands.

Is there a time you wish you’d lied?

I don’t think so.  There are, however, times when I wish I would have told the truth.

What would you say to yourself if you could go back in time and have a conversation with yourself at age thirteen?

Don’t sweat it.

If you could have only one album to get you through a breakup, what would it be?

William Fitzsimmons - The Sparrow and the Crow.

What are three websites—other than your email—that you check on a daily basis? for the latest in rock and reggae.
BBC News.

From what or whom do you derive your greatest inspiration?

It’s hard to say where inspiration comes from.  Music, nice weather, bad weather, good food, traveling...

Name three books that have impacted your life.

The Power of One; The Botany of Desire; The Giver.

If you could relive one moment over and over again, what would it be?

That sounds terrible! Like that movie Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray.  Special moments are special because they are fleeting.  Right?

How are you six degrees from Kevin Bacon?

A friend of mine works as a server to the box seats at Citizen’s Bank Park here in Philly.  Kevin Bacon was in her section once and overheard her talking to her friend about Three Legged Fox.  He turns around and says, “I’ve heard of them!”

What makes you feel most guilty?

Spending as much time away from everyone as I do.

How do you incorporate the work of other artists into your own?

Sometimes directly, by collaborating with artists that I look up to.  For example, on our last album, Not as Far, I asked Jacob Hemphill (SOJA) to write and record a verse for the song “I Believe.”  I’ve been a SOJA fan for longer than 3LF has even existed so it was truly an honor to work with him.

Please explain the motivation/inspiration behind Always Anyway.

Our newest release, Always, Anyway (drops August 16), is our proudest musical accomplishment.  We’ve learned so much since our inception.  It’s taken us a while to figure out how to deliver our vision and we feel that this album is truly representative of our band.

What is the best advice you’ve ever given to someone else?

There is always enough time.

List your favorite in the following categories:  Comedian, Musician, Author, Actor.

Mitch Hedberg.
William Fitzsimmons.
Michael Pollan.
Charlie Sheen.

If you had complete creative license and an unlimited budget, what would your next project be?

Shoot a music video on the moon.

What do you want to know?


What would you like your last words to be?

"I’m right where I’m supposed to be."

Please explain what will happen.

Our new album, Always, Anyway will be available worldwide on August 16th.  We’re planning several national tours beginning in September so please check our tour schedule at for updates.  Other than that...who knows?

Branch Out Music

Three Legged Fox - Always, Anyway Album Review

Three Legged Fox has returned stronger than ever, almost two and half years after the release of their sophomoric album “Not As Far” with their new, freshly polished sound making it’s way onto their third full length album “ALWAYS, ANYWAY”. Written, recorded and self produced this time around, like their debut album “IDEAS”. A lot has changed in just these couple of years, not just with the band but all around the world, especially with us as a nation. When something hits us so hard, we can’t help but take that and use it as fuel and that’s exactly what these guys did to create such a hard hitting, high energetic, in your face kind of sound for this album. Intertwining heavy guitar, a companied by hard hitting drum and bass; topped with meaningful lyrics and a soulful powerhouse voice by lead singer Kyle Wareham will give you “ALWAYS, ANYWAY”. A band who has been searching for the sound that fits them best, has found it and it’s off the hook; loud and heavy, but don’t worry it still has that original three legged fox sound, it’s just been amped up.

The album opens up with “Get Out Alive” which is exactly the type of feeling you get from the melody of this tune, it’s loud with echoing of different noises and sounds, add some darker driven lyrics in the mix and you got your self one hell of an album opener. “Half Filled Boxes” is the next song on the album, defiantly one of my favorites, with the percussion and guitar gradually getting louder and then boom, killer vocals from Kyle giving the tune it’s face, a song about letting go looking at both sides of the spectrum. “Let You Down” the bands single, one of their slower tunes with a slight reggae vibe to it and some catchy lyrics. “Sweet Hurricane” a rock and roll more sounding tune with some sick guitar work back and forth with percussion and bass, def an upbeat tune. “Wait For You” another one of my favorites, love the melody they have opening up this track; it’s very catchy and definitely makes you feel good , another one of their infamous love tunes but a keeper. “Grace” is probably the slowest most diverse track on the album, the beginning kind of gave me an incubus feel, throw some heart felt lyrics in the mix with Wareham’s vocals. “Hello Vertigo”, another impressive track on the album, bringing some more unusual sounds and noises and distortion, throw some more catchy lyrics, you’ll be signing along in no time. “Run For Your Life” one of their politically charged songs, about the bailout of Wall Street, kept it more rock steady on this one “High Time For Arrival” another one of my favorites, love the melody and the reggae undertone on this one, another love tune by the guys but don’t get me wrong it’s upbeat and brilliant. “Coming Back Soon” continues with the reggae undertone on this one, reminds me of a song we would have heard the boys play back in 06, it wouldn’t be three legged fox if they didn’t stay true to their core sound. The last song on the album is “Finally” which has a lot of different sounds going on throughout the song, a killer guitar solo and is a great way to end the album, with the idea I think they finally created something that they did themselves and have found the sound they have been looking for, for the past 5 years.

I have been a fan of these guys since the release of their first album and have had the privilege to see them over a handful of times. And I must say it’s been great seeing the change of these guys, from hair styles to facial hair to change of threads to musicianship but it doesn’t matter how much they change in that aspect cause they have always created music from the heart and every show they have played weather it’s for 3 to 300 people, they still rock it out every single time. I am very excited to see them play these songs live because again this album is very loud, bringing heavy guitar, large vocals and people are going to dig this, it’s still three legged fox, they’ve just kicked it up a few notches.

Three Legged Fox New Release!
As mentioned earlier this year in our Most Anticipated Albums of 2011, Three Legged Fox will be digitally releasing their new 12 track, self-produced album Always, Anyway, on August 16th, 2011. This will be the groups 3rd album release in 5 years. The first single off the new album will be “Let You Down,” and a music video for the song will be unleashed on Monday August 1, 2011. Following the album release, Three Legged Fox plans on touring to promote the album in major cities nationwide.
Take a look at the track listing & unique album cover where seems to take all the members faces and merging it into a super face. The cover comes courtesy of Thumbnail Designs.

1.) Get Out Alive
2.) Half Filled Boxes
3.) Let You Down
4.) Sweet Hurricane
5.) Wait For You
6.) Right Side
7.) Hello Vertigo
8.) Grace [Here With You]
9.) Run For Your Life
10.) High Time For Arrival
11.) Comin’ Back For You
12.) Finally

Here is what 3LF had to say about their new album…
“I knew two years ago there was no one I trusted more than Kyle, our singer and guitarist, to engineer and make these songs come alive. We wrote ‘Not as Far’ songs together, and we arranged all of the new songs on this new album as well. So, I lobbied to everyone that for our third album, we should make the whole thing from start to finish on our own. We needed to trust ourselves, and believe in our vision” shares Drummer Kory Kochersperger.
Kochersperger continues, “We’ve made the raw album, we’ve made the traditional reggae album with the horns, organs, and such. But shortly after our second album ‘Not as Far’ was released, we started to realize who we were and the kind of music we’re pretty good at playing. We are an alternative rock band, an alternative rock, reggae band. In knowing that, we wanted to keep moving down that road, we began writing songs from a micro sense. We tightened up, started building songs in a rock structure. The demo process alone for this new album was 10 or 11 months.” Wareham adds, “In terms of how it sounds, we wanted to make it big. There is a log of guitar, a lot of vocals, some synth, all kinds of stuff. A lot of people identify that to be the standard pop format, but for us, it is brand new because our previous albums were all so simple.”